Thanks for clarifying, Tim. I think we may agree on more than you think. Assuming you posed those questions to get my positions on them, here are my answers:

Do you think Abortion should be illegal?

I can’t give you a straightforward answer to this one. I believe abortion is wrong because I believe life begins at conception, and that unborn babies are just that…babies. As medical care improves for extreme preemies, the age of viability for the unborn is extremely young now — I personally have a friend who delivered her twins in the 5th month of pregnancy. I hate that there is abortion at all, and I hate that it is not only legal, but tax funded, in many cases. However, things being as they are right now, I don’t think making abortions illegal will solve anything; in fact, a decision like that could have a destabilizing affect on our society and result in even worse things. I don’t like that that’s true, but I believe it is.

Is using contraception a sin?

I do not believe it is. I would encourage anyone not ready to have children to use it — there are many good options, nearly all of them extremely effective.

Do you support free daycare?

Maybe? I’ve never had anyone ask that before. I am usually against social programs that are 100% free, because people tend not to value the service if they’re not contributing at least something. I have worked for years in ministry in Africa and have applied the same principle, even there.

Do you support Family Medical Leave?


Are you worried that the U.S. is becoming less Christian?

I’m worried Christians are becoming less Christian. I do worry about religious freedoms as a Christian, but I believe in religious freedom regardless of what religion you practice. It’s one of the great freedoms our country has.

Prophets and Prophesy, what are you taking about there?

I’ll try to give you the short-ish answer to that. In Old Testament times, there were people called prophets who were appointed by God to be His mouthpiece to give messages to the Hebrews and their kings about holiness and repentance, but also warnings about what would happen if God’s laws were not followed and people were unfaithful to Him. With the coming of Jesus and the subsequent indwelling of the Holy Spirit after His resurrection, we believe all who follow Him now have access to God in a very personal way. Christians believe we can all hear the voice of God if we tune in to Him and are making room in our lives to speak. Prophecy is like passing along what we hear God is saying to others, nearly always to strengthen and encourage them. Also (and not all Christians agree or believe this) there are those who operate in what is called the “office” of a prophet; they are appointed in the same kind of ways as those in the Old Testament, to bring words of guidance and warning to the Church at large. It’s those prophets I referred to in my article that are comparing Trump to King Cyrus — an evil king in Persia that was used by God to bring about the return of the Hebrews to Jerusalem after the Exile in Babylon.

That is probably more than you wanted to know (LOL) but that was a big question. Blessings, Tim.

Beach-loving, coffee-seeking author who passionately pursues emotional & spiritual freedom. Adoptive mom, Jesus follower. Find me on

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