Thank you, James, for reading and taking the time to comment. I don’t want to speak on behalf of anyone but myself when it comes to the specifics you’ve shared here.

I know now that that is a hurtful, judgmental saying and I’m so sorry. I’ve probably said it more than once in my history, and I deeply regret it. For me, my views on homosexuality are evolving and growing in understanding. One of my children is bisexual, and that brought me to a new perspective on how God sees His children. There is no way I am a better parent than God — I might as well throw my faith out the window if I think I am better than He is in any respect. How I view my child, the love/respect for their decisions, life, who they love, etc. cannot possibly be better than God’s view of them! Thinking in these terms is revolutionary and life-changing and a lot to process. I’m still wrapping my mind around everything. But I know without a doubt where my heart is.

You feel how you feel and that is justified; but some of us really are learning, changing, growing, and accepting, and it’s a process to unlearn or rethink what you’ve always been taught. I’d hate for you to equivocate silence with agreement or judgment in every case.

I’ve hardly been vocal on this matter until now, but I’d stand alongside you any day of the week to support your right to love who you choose. If the church is going to draw a line between themselves and the LGBTQ+ community, I’m gonna take your side. Jesus would.

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