OK, last response, and it’s not really a necessary one but I wanted to share it with you because I am honored by you hanging in with this conversation and seeing it all the way through. Three facts about me:

  1. I did not know the woman in the photo was Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I only vaguely know who she is (I’ve heard the name) because I don’t watch television and I try really hard to read the minimum amount of news I need to stay informed. I’m a highly sensitive person who battles anxiety, and it’s just not good for my mental health to expose myself to much of that garbage.
  2. I am mortified by the hypocrisy of other Christians, to the point of losing sleep over it sometimes. The immigration/wall issue makes me want to cry, especially because:
  3. I love brown babies. I have 4 of them. We have one biological child and have 4 adopted children — 2 from Korea and 2 from Uganda. Even though they are 17, 20, 20, and 22, all have expressed worries about being deported. For real. Adoptive parents like me have been warned to keep our children’s citizenship papers handy, as adult adoptees whose parents never thought they needed to file their paperwork have literally been sent back to their countries of birth, even though they have no memory of them and do not speak the language. That thought is absolutely terrifying and nauseating.

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Beach-loving, coffee-seeking author who passionately pursues emotional & spiritual freedom. Adoptive mom, Jesus follower. Find me on michellewuesthoff.com

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