I’ll admit: I’ve judged Beth Moore (and not liked her) solely based on her hair.

I’m serious.

Her perfectly arranged coif was like a billboard for women in the Evangelical church — “make sure you put the right foot forward, project the image of a Proverbs 31 woman, don’t let them see you anything less than strong, happy, faith-filled, and positive. Faking it IS making it.”

I judged like I’ve been taught to judge as an (ex)Evangelical. But I was so wrong. Beth Moore is like breath of fresh air in the staunch and stale circles she was traditionally accepted in. Not to them, but to the rest of us. That woman speaks her mind — with truth, conviction, and love. She’s as aware of her own fragility as she is the powerful platform she holds, and she uses both wisely. She’s become more and more a champion of those who have been sidelined, hurt, and rejected by the church at large. Kinda like Jesus was. And that’s the point.

If we’re at all growing spiritually and emotionally, we should recognize that we don’t really know half of what we think we do, and reexamining what we believe is a healthy practice. We should be holding all our thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and practices up to the light of Jesus to see them for what they are. That’s what I see (and read) Beth Moore doing regularly. That’s what a good leader does.

But I still just wanna mess up her hair a little bit.

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Beach-loving, coffee-seeking author who passionately pursues emotional & spiritual freedom. Adoptive mom, Jesus follower. Find me on michellewuesthoff.com

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