Hi Tim, thanks for your response. However, you are jumping to way too many conclusions here:

“You don’t take a position in this story on contraception or sex outside of marriage but since you used the word prophets I suspect that you think that contraception and sex outside of marriage is a sin. You might even consider “be fruitful and multiply” as words to live by.”

I didn’t take any position on contraception, etc. because that wasn’t the point of the article. I used “the word prophets” in the context of why I believe many evangelicals continue to support Trump even if their own consciences might persuade them otherwise. I am a Christian and made my own position clear from the beginning, but I also made it pretty clear that all Christians do not share all beliefs and perspectives.

I completely agree with you that legislation won’t stop abortions, and I believe I said something very similar in the article. One of the major fallouts I see of the Trump presidency is how quickly people dismiss one another without truly listening to trying to understand where they’re coming from. Whether we agree or disagree, we would all do well to give each other a little more grace and perhaps the benefit of the doubt that we have something valuable to say.

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Beach-loving, coffee-seeking author who passionately pursues emotional & spiritual freedom. Adoptive mom, Jesus follower. Find me on michellewuesthoff.com

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