Actually, I do appreciate you taking time to read my article and then respond, as well as recognize that I was coming from a sincere place (which I was). Your points in your original response are hard to identify because they get lost in the sarcasm, anger, and offensive meme at the end. I do not think your anger is unjustifiable, but painting all Christians with the same brush is extremely unfair, especially because of the particular things I said in the article you were responding to. Yes, I took your response as personally directed towards me, and was wrong to assume that. Your points get lost in your language, and it’s pretty hard to have a conversation when someone enters with that sort of tone. It sets the other person on the defensive. I do value having a conversation, which is why I so carefully worded my article. Hate speech was a strong characterization, and for that I am sorry. But you honestly don’t think how you said the things you said would be considered by some to be labeling and derogatory? I’m saying that sincerely. You don’t need to respond, but as you asked me to check myself, I’m asking you to do the same.

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