40 Things I Love

Here’s a window into my heart…don’t throw stones.

So, if you’re at all like me and regularly tread that fine line between confidence and insecurity, you’ll understand it’s a big freaking deal every time you put your soul out there (in words) for the unseen world to read. I love to write, (wait, I’m not starting the list yet!) but I haven’t gotten to the point of not caring or constantly assessing how my latest whatever is being received.

However, today I’m gonna sweep that aside and accept the invitation I received to jump on this particular bandwagon (thanks for the invite, Mike Develle!) I’m drawing the curtains back and letting you peer into my heart.

You see, my life has undergone some radical changes over the past several years. I hit rock-bottom in 2015, and have been scratching and clawing my way up and out since then. Being in the pit, along with the actual process of pulling yourself out, has a way of making your priorities crystal clear. And when you finally reach the top of that long, uphill climb, it’s amazing the kind of perspective you’ve now gained. Four years later, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and keenly aware of the things I truly love:

  1. My husband. No cliché here — he’s the greatest example of unconditional love I’ve ever known.
  2. My eclectic, global children. One bio, 4 adopted: 2 Asian, 2 African, and one skinny white kid.
  3. Jesus.
  4. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee with cream, no sugar.
  5. The beach.
  6. Heart-shaped rocks. I believe they’re love notes from God.
  7. Lavender sunsets.
  8. Traveling — not the process, but the destination.
  9. Really good spaghetti with marinara. (Sauce NYC has my favorite in America)
  10. Tony Bennett.
  11. Deep conversation.
  12. Adoption.
  13. Having a tribe of friends who do life together.
  14. J. America’s Zen Hoodies. Seriously, you need one.
  15. Hitting the snooze button.
  16. Puppies. How can you not???
  17. Myself. Finally.
  18. Other cultures. The food, art, music, dance…but above all, the people.
  19. The power of an encouraging word.
  20. Planning a vacation. It’s almost as much fun as the vacation itself.
  21. Red lipstick.
  22. When you get the giggles and can’t stop.
  23. Uganda. That country and its people hijacked my life.
  24. Family traditions.
  25. Creating something beautiful.
  26. C.S. Lewis. If I could only read books by one author for the rest of my life, I’d pick him.
  27. Stuffed animals.
  28. Reconcilliation.
  29. Collaborating, when egos or jealousy aren’t involved.
  30. Cilantro.
  31. The sacredness of being with someone in their time of need.
  32. Beachcombing.
  33. How the written word can change a person’s life.
  34. Naming things. Giving something a name carries serious weight.
  35. Hope.
  36. The Lord of the Rings.
  37. Shiplap (thank you Chip and Joanna!)
  38. Dressing up.
  39. Palm trees.
  40. The number 40 — its biblical significance, and it’s also my address.

Well…now I’ve put it out there. 40 things I love.

What do you love? What makes life worth living? These are questions I ask all the time as a coach, and I’m now posing it to you, here on Medium. Don’t leave me hanging. I’m handing you the baton. Tagging a few of you lovelies here, but if you’re not on this list and you’re reading, I’m inviting you, too.

Torrie Long, Ruthann Weldon, Carmella Ehle, Martin Wuesthoff, Vanessa Torre, Annie Zelm, Lindsay Linegar, Yan, Susan Kennedy Heard, MikeLoomis

Love wins, you guys.

xoxo Michelle

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Beach-loving, coffee-seeking author who passionately pursues emotional & spiritual freedom. Adoptive mom, Jesus follower. Find me on michellewuesthoff.com

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